edit introduction
Annie Yao is Taiwan-born actress who grew up in Montreal and works in both Toronto and Montreal.  She discovered her passion for acting after having obtained a B.Sc. at the University of McGill and has since decided to pursue this acting career full-time.

She has a diploma in Professional Theatre from John Abbott College, and has done as workshops in both cities, including the Montreal School of Performing Arts & Actor's Studio Montreal, Streaon's, Lynne Cormack, Rapier Wit, Straeon's.

Being a musician guitarist and singer as well, she enjoys all sort of performance arts. However, she holds a special interest in video games, combat/action, and comedy and has recently begun taking dance classes!

She has been in a multitude of short films and webseries (please refer to her imdb page and has performed in a number of plays in Montreal and Toronto for independent production companies.  Her range of works include comedy, sketch, drama, sci-fi, as well as pieces that incorporate singing and dancing.