edit introduction
Annie is Taiwan-born actress who grew up in Montreal since the age of 7.  Having always been the artistic type, she's dabble in drawing and photography until she discovered her passion for acting.  After having obtained a B.Sc. at the University of McGill, she has decided to pursue this artistic side of her.

She has since then studied in the Acting branch of the Professional Theatre Program at John Abbott College, and has done as well as audited many workshops in Montreal, including the Montreal School of Performing Arts, and Tom Todoroff studio.

Being a musician guitarist and singer as well, she enjoys all sort of performance arts, but holds a special interest in video games, combat/action, and comedy - and a love for movement/dance involved pieces.  She has also developed a taste for musicals! 

She has been in some short films and has been in many plays in Montreal both for school as well as for independent production companies.  Most of her acting work also involve a combination of singing, dancing and/or choreography.

She also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and does photography as a hobby in her spare time, with a specific penchant for conceptual shoots.